Stages of the Process

Oil Pre-Refining Plant (INITIAL STAGE): It carries out the treatment of crude soybean oil so as to prepare it for Biodiesel production; its production capacity is expected to be 200 tons/day.

Glycerol Biodiesel production (INITIAL STAGE): Executes the Biodiesel (SME) production and the treatment of the glycerose phase, aimed at Crude Glycerin production. Initial capacity: 150 Tons/day.
It includes:

  • A reaction stage
  • A decantation stage
  • A methanol recovery stage
  • A washing and purification stage
  • A drying and cooling stage
  • A face separation stage
  • A stage devoted to the unfolding of fatty matter

Complementary infrastructure: In agreement with the infrastructure and capacity of previous plants, new infrastructure for Biodiesel, Glycerol, oil and other raw materials storing capacity will be built to match plants capacity with their production levels, so that a minimum stock for 7 production days is assured. Such a time period will allow us to follow a logistics procedure which adequately satisfies supply and shipment needs.

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