Policy Statement

Rosario Bioenergy is a company made up of a group of people who have met to produce non-contaminant, biological, liquid fuels from agricultural feedstock. We want to show our customs, ideals and individual convictions through our daily personal or business activities with the immediate objective of contributing to the construction of a better world, both for our children and the whole of humanity.

To this end, we have set ourselves the goal of elaborating and obtaining top quality products from the beginning, the basis of which are our strong ethical principles. We aim at obtaining top quality products in each and every stage of the chain, from primary agricultural production to the subsequent industrialization of raw material, by using top notch concepts, mechanisms and developments throughout the whole process, which help to improve and preserve the environment.

Rosario Bio Energy ( is a member of the Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber, (, and we are working together to guarantee the sustainability in Biodiesel production.

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