Our Plant

Grain production in Argentina has experienced a marked growth, especially in the last decade. Quite a big part of this growth accounts for the exponential expansion of the surface devoted to soybean crops, which today represents 60% of the area used for grain cultivation. The project is located at the center of the most profitable productive area, as it can be observed in the attached map (No. 1).

The plant was settled in the district of Rosario (Roldán) due to specific regulations affecting the activity, both in relation to fuels management, the environment and energy, as well as due to the limited costs structure which lead to minimize transport costs (estimated in a 4% of total production), the proximity to the vegetable oil and/or raw material suppliers, and the accessibility to the main highways and roads. The plant was specifically located within the industrial park because this locality offers basic services, strategic location (near Rosario-Córdoba, Rosario- Santa Fe, and Rosario-Buenos Aires Highways), as well as tax benefits awarded by the government of the Province of Santa Fe.

The size of the field is 4.5 hectares, which has been specially authorized for industry purposes. This will allow us to extend the plant in the future (if necessary) without having to deal with the drawbacks and conflicts derived from using residential areas.

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