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  • It is a large area (9.02 sq-mi).
  • More than 1,230,000 people live there.
  • It has a concentration of 40% of the province population.
  • It produces 60% of Santa Fe gross product, and 5% of the national gross product.
  • 42.5% of provincial industries are located in this area.
  • 53% of province-level jobs originate in this area.
  • It holds the largest Argentinean export agricultural complex, whose ports are the point of departure of more than 70% of national agricultural exports.
  • About 2,000,000 trucks a year come to ports in Greater Rosario.
  • It has a 62.13 mi river basin over Paraná River, with an outlet to the sea of a 32-feet draught. It communicates with the Santa Fe city through the river at 22 feet of guaranteed draught, and at10 feet from Santa Fe, to the North. Due to the fact that it has 3 inter-provincial connections - the Victoria Bridge in Rosario, the Hernandarias Sub fluvial Tunnel (Santa Fe-Paraná), and the Zárate Brazo Largo Bridge, the area is an important center of load transfer within a zone known as Bioceanic Corridor.
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