High quality soybean oil-based Biodiesel is expected to be produced during the beginning of the first stage. The oil is planned to be provided by one of the biggest vegetable oil producers settled in the greater metropolitan area of Rosario.

We are working together with the UNR (National University of Rosario), the INTA, (National Institute for Agricultural Technology), the CONICET (National Scientific and Technical Research Council), and other international scientific institutions in the production of second and third generation biodiesel made from Jatropha and seaweed feedstock.

RBE is actively working with the Argentine Association of Biodiesel Fuels and Hydrocarbons, and the Argentine Renewable Energies Chamber in order to enter into agreements with international certifying companies that wish to work in the certification of the life cycle of the seeds used for the production of biofuels. The main aim of this certification is to guarantee that the seed does not come from cleared forests, thus adhering to the protection policy implemented in Argentina through the recent passing of the Forests Act.

The production capacity of the first stage is 50,000 tons/year of biodiesel, and 5,000 tons/year of crude glycerin.

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