Logistics and Marketing

Given that the first stages of the production shall be exclusively directed to our domestic market, and the supply of raw and production materials come from places near our plant, Rosario Bio Energy SA has a truck fleet exclusively devoted to the transportation of said materials so that their normal supply and dispatch of production is guaranteed.

The logistics of Rosario Bio Energy SA is designed and devised to make up for any deficiency in their own stock, or in the stock of others, given that it has a supply system for diverse vegetable oil producing plants within a radius of no more than 31 mi from its production plant, as well as different raw material suppliers, who guarantee the provision of both the port and Mediterranean areas (when the port is crowded).

An outstanding feature is that the quality of shipment is guaranteed through the company’s permanent truck fleet, which both eliminates the chances of cross-contamination caused by the transportation of a previous load, and translates into lower operative freight charges.

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