Rosario Bioenergy SA is the result of the initiative and work of agricultural businessmen from Argentina’s inland area, who have decided to combine their efforts and collaboration to start expanding their business towards other economic areas related to the productive daily work of the area.
Rosario Bioenergy SA has a top notch plant that was built in a 4.5 hectare field located in the Roldán Industrial Area, Santa Fe, Argentina, on the AO12 road, at km 47.5. It has been awarded the “Model Plant” prize by the National Institute for Agricultural Technology (INTA) at the 2011 Expoagro edition.
  • Empresa B Certificada
  • Best for the World
  • Net Zero
  • Emisiones
  • Cámara Argentina de Energías Renovables
  • Cámara Santafesina de Energías Renovables
  • NextFuel
  • Secretaria de Energía de la República Argentina
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